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Stitch'n Fold Bookletmaker


The Stitch'n Fold BookletMaker
the ONLY BookletMaker with stitching wire and ISP's patented stitching head technology.


Inside BookletMaker

Advanced Technology

The Stitch'n Fold uses ISP's patented magnetic stitching head technology, providing the reliability and economy of wire stitching. Dual sets of folding rollers assure consistent, professional results. For safety, interlocked access covers prevent machine operation when open.

Improved Productivity


With Stitch'n Fold, you can jog stitch and fold more than 65,000 booklets at a maximum speed of 2,300 finished bookets per hour - without stopping to reload staples. Stitch'n Fold's variable work thickness capacity handles from 2 sheets to a hundred page booklet with no set up changes or adjustments.


Simple Operation

Just load your booklet and its is automatically jogged, stitched, folded and discharged into an accumulating output conveyor. Side stitching, corner stitching and folding projects, with or without stitching, are all easily accomplished.

Lower Operating Costs

The Stitch'n Fold replaces expensive preformed staples with inexpensive bookbinding wire, you save on material costs and non productive downtime.

B-2000 BookletMaker Specifications

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