C M T 3 3 0   T h r e e - K n i f e   T r i m m e r


The CMT 330 is a three-side trimmer designed for the on-demand printing environment.  It features full digital control of the trimming process - servomotors control all adjustments normally done by hand with a traditional trimmer.  Just key in the starting size and the finish size, and the trimmer takes it from there.

The control panel features a graphic LCD display of the job being trimmed.  For repeat jobs, the CMT 330 can store 99 book trimming jobs in its memory.  It can be used in line with perfect binders, or used off-line in a manual feed mode.



F e a t u r e s

- Graphic LCD User Interface
- Eight-Station Cooling Tower For In-Line Systems Allows
     Ample Set-Up Time Before Books Are Trimmed
- Serial Communication Port Permits Remote Setup And
     Control For Fully Automated Bookshop Environments
- For Added Safety While Changing Blades, A Custom-
     Designed Edge Guard Shields The Knife.  Blades Are
     Easily Accessible For Fast, Efficient Changes
- Infrared Sensors Monitor Each Waste Bin And Generate
     A Display On The Control Panel When A Bin Is Full

Included:  Cut Stick, Cut Stick Puller, Knife Lifter, Three Waste Bins, Three Knives,  Two Cut Plates, Eighteen Knife Bolts, & T-Handle Hex Wrench



S p e c i f i c a t i o n s

Minimum Book Size: 4" x 6" / 101.6 mm x 152.4 mm
Maximum Book Size: 9.5" x 12.5" / 241 mm x 317.5 mm
Maximum Book Thickness: 2" / 50.8 mm
Minimum Trim: 0.125" / 3.2 mm
Maximum Face Trim: 5.5" / 140 mm
Speed 400+ Books Per Hour
Memory: 99 Book Jobs
Set-up Time for Book Size Change: 15 Seconds
Overall Height 61" / 1549 mm
Overall Width 34.5" / 876 mm
Overall Length 84" / 2134 mm
Net Weight (approximate) 2500 lbs / 876 kg
Shipping Weight (approximate) 2800 lbs / 2134 kg
3 Phase, 60 Hz, AC
208/230 Volts, 25 Amps (service size 30 Amps)
Air Supply Requirements: 80 - 90 PSI, 5 CFM Unlubricated
U.L. Listed
Challenge reserves the right to make changes to any product or specification without notice and without incurring responsibility to existing units.

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