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Magnetic Planning Display Systems

The benefits of being able to visualize a 'Big Picture' or overview of a planning schedule constantly displaying the current and projected stages in an easily updated format is essential to the modern manager.

This total overview is missing from the P.C. screen, and resorting to scrolling or instantly out of date print outs does not supply this elusive, ‘Big Picture‘ vital when viewing the consequences to any alterations in plan.

Efficienta planning displays consist of robust interlocking modular panels mounted onto a set of wall rails enabling a planning system of any format and size to be assembled.

Displays a constant working summary of shifting milestones, deadlines and key events contained within a group of interdependent activities. Robust interlocking modular panels enable displays of any size to be created.
Clearly portrays all participants ongoing commitments and achievements. Ingenious magnetic signals create impressive displays suitable for all locations from Boardroom to Workshop.
Produces a distinct visual representation of the efficiency and clear thought process within a department.    
Magnetic textplates have a profiled rear section that
securely locates onto the metal ribbed panel surface
enabling them to slide along the chosen planning line.
Available in 12 colours and 4 depths they snap cleanly
to size to align with the pre-gridded panel surface.
Textplates are reusable, displaying information using a write on/wipe clean marker pen or printed labels.
Planning Applications
These are limitless but include Project Planning, Production Scheduling, Personnel Movements, Training Schedules, Timetables, Maintenance Planning, Capacity Planning, Machine Planning, Order Planning

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