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SmartPlate™ is the ideal and affordable Computer To Plate solution for small offset printing. This is the plate designated by GATF as "an innovation destined to impact the future of the industry". The unique coating process and polyester substrate produce a dimensionally stable plate capable of high-resolution imaging and longer run lengths. Easy-to-use, cost reducing and dependable, SmartPlate™ will dramatically reduce production time and increase the output capacity of any prepress department. SmartPlate™ eliminates the need for a camera, imagesetter, platemaker or processor. Go direct from digital files created with one of the popular layout programs and output to a tabloid size, 1200dpi laser printer. The specifications of the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5000 are ideal. In the length of time it takes to make a laser copy, a SmartPlate™ is ready to run on your offset press.

Behind every SmartPlate™ there is the Hurst Technical Support Department ready to assist with any SmartPlate™ question. Contact them at 1.877.SMRTPLT or SmartPlate™ is available in 21 pre-cut sizes, 100 double sided plates per box. These versatile plates can also be cut to size to reduce waste and stocking requirements.

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The Chemistry



Hurst offers...

390 SmartPlate™ Fountain Solution

A one-step fountain solution specially formulated for use with all laser plates. Free of alcohol. Super concentrated, 1:30 dilution. Use with 392 SmartPlate Etch.   (1/2 gal,G)


392 SmartPlate™ Etch

A prewetting "etch" for use on laser plates. Special wetting agents prepare the plate for rollup and printing with SmartPlate™ Fountain Solution 390.   (P)


394 SmartPlate™ Prep Improved

A prep for laser plates that removes scattered toner particles, permitting the printing of clean, sharp images. Contains special wetting agents that make the background hydrophilic.   (P)

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Graphic Arts Specialty Pens

SmartPlate Accessories

Accessories Include...

1175 SmartPlate™ Deletion Pen

Deletes images from all toner imaged printing plates. Replaces the two pen system.


JBI Offset Plate Puncher Model OP/25*

For large offset plates Punches plates up to 12 1/2" in one motion/ 25 pins, 1/2" center-to-center. Pin bar.



Platestrips™ attach to SmartPlates to prevent plate stretch, allowing perfect trapping.


32 MB SDRAM Printer Memory Upgrades

Upgrade your printer memory to print even the most complex page designs. Three, 32 MB memory expansion modules give you all the power you need.


HP UltraPrecise Replacement Toner Cartridges

Hewlett-Packard UltraPrecise Cartridge is a breakthrough in LaserJet Printing. The cartridge and toner formulation is designed for your HP LaserJet 5000 printer to ensure optimum print quality. The UltraPrecise Helical Roller Drive works with your printer to provide optimum quality graphics. UltraPrecise Dual Polymer Toner delivers clear, sharp characters. The UltraPrecise Magnetic Seals ensure a clean printing environment.


3 Year Extended Warranty HP SupportPack

HP SupportPack provides hardware support for 3 full years from the date of your HP product purchase. Once you’ve purchased your HP SupportPack, if your HP product malfunctions for any reason (except abuse, negligence or accident), simply call the HP SupportPack on-site support phone line. You will receive technical support over the phone from one of our service representatives, and if necessary, we’ll dispatch an authorized HP service representative to fix the problem at your site.

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Tech Support


SmartPlate™ Technical Support

Hurst can handle all your Computer to Plate questions as quick as a single phone call, or a click away via the web. Hurst’s Technical Support Department is expert in toner imaged SmartPlates and all their facets. Including but not limited to:

  • How they interface between the most popular graphics programs (Quark, Pagemaker, and Corel) and the HP LaserJet 5000 Series laser printer
  • Your Windows (95, 98, Me, 2000, NT and XP) or Mac Operating Systems (OS 8.0 and higher) and their interface to the HP LaserJet 5000 and toner imaged SmartPlates
  • How toner imaged SmartPlates can best be implemented in your pressroom, on your press, with your press operator, and with the correct press chemistry


SmartPlate Technical Support can be reached two ways:
Toll Free at 1-877-SMRTPLT(1-877-767-8758)
Monday - Friday 7:00am to 10:00pm (EST), and Saturday 10:00am to 8:00 pm (EST) or
Via email at or
visit our web page

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