Stitching Head


The Next Generation . . . M-2000

ISP has done it again by taking stitching technology well beyond the next century.

Reduced Operating Force - Componentry has been designed with optimized geometry to reduce operating forces, maximinizing the interval between maintenance functions.

Wear Resistance Compenents - Hardened tool steel parts that extend stitcher life, reduce downtime and lower maintenance.

Felt Wire Oiler/Cleaner - Cleans and lubricates, providing greatly extended intervals between maintenance.



External Grip Spring: Guaranteed for Life.

M-2000 Redesigned Magnetic Rotator: The exclusive rotator has no moving parts to bind or jam.

Easy Work Thickness Adjustment: A single screw turn provides accurate, simple adjustment from minimum to maximum thickness.

Factory-Set Wire Straighteners: Virtually eliminates the need for straightener adjustments - - forever!

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