The totally automated perfect binder for short and long runs

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CP Bourg releases the BB3002! This perfect binder addresses today’s demands for a user friendly automated binder with simple easy set-up via its colour sensitive touch screen. Its fully automatic set-up ensures great flexibility: the BB3002 adjusts effortlessly to book block thickness up to 6 cm or (2.3”) and its adjustable suction cover feeder is equipped with a creasing blade which can produce up to 6 scores and makes winged books a reality.

The BB3002 is a must for professional & commercial printers, copy shops or in plant operations when monthly volumes go around 3000 books or more. Intensive users can count on its exceptional capacity. Last but not least, it’s ergonomic and user friendly design, along with its safety features will be highly appreciated by the operators.

In other words just place the block and open new business opportunities with us!




§        Coloured large user friendly 11 ‘’ sensitive touch screen

§        Manual pre jogging table in loading area

§        Jogger station with adjustable amplitude/vibration

§        Milling up to 3 mm with up to 4 notching tools

§        External paper dust extraction collector standard, Optional internal high capacity paper dust collector

§        3 glue cylinders & side gluing rollers (pre coating, coating, spinner) with glue interruption on spine and on side

§        Clamping area with symmetrical jaw, pressure and time adjustments, cover detection

§        Intelligent cover handling (suction cover feeding, fine tuning of cover position etc)

§        Unique scoring by blade capabilities with up to 6 scores and allowing wing books

§        Soft vertical reception with high capacity tray, unloadable while running



Why should I invest in a BB3002 ?


The main points are quality, productivity, user friendliness and profitability. The BB3002 advantages are as follow :


l User friendly colour touch screen interface: all parameters at a glance, user friendly, simple to operate, quick setup, more productive

l Accepts a wide range of book/cover sizes and thickness for more business opportunities

l Adjustable jogger delivers superior  book quality

l Automated calibration of the binder to book thickness: one can process many books of same size & different thick nesses without operator adjustment

l Winged books provides more business opportunities increasing profits

l Toolless/Knobless adjustments of many functions: milling, side gluing, suction cover feeding, fast, simple, easy to setup delivers more books per hour with less operator waste. 

l High capacity reception stacker conveyor safely deposits finished books without spine damage.

l Ergonomic and comfortable design


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